Leicester Road

DSC02274Saturday 8th April 2017 3.00pm
Midlands League Division One
Leicester Road 11 Southam United 0 ht: 5-0 att: 60 hc Entrance £5 Programme £1.50 Coffee £1

Stenson 7,12,25,38 (pen), Holt 43, Bennett 68, McGlinchey 72,79,80, Sandhu 82,83

from Leicester Road Stadium

DSC021772This game set a few personal records. It was my first home double figures ever – my previous best was 8, seen several times. It was also the second highest goals in one game I’d seen. Second to Johnstown Youth 0 Llanwchyllin 13, last season. I did choose Leicester Road as a venue mostly for the fact that a cricket score was likely. Southam United have had a retched season, conceding 176 goals before today and within the last week losing 0-10 at home to Leicester Road’s championship and proximity rivals AFC Hinckley.

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Anstey Nomads

DSC02273Tuesday 4th April 2017 7.45pm
East Midlands Counties Premier League
Anstey Nomads 2 Radford 3 ht: 1-2 att: 54 Entrance £5 Programme £1 Coffee £1

Michael 45, missed pen 45, Taylor 80: Meakin 10, Kelvin 25, 90+3 (pen)

from Davisdon Homes Park

DSC02138Anstey Nomad’s Davidson Homes Park completed the East Midlands League for me. 22/22. The fast A50 corridor has helped the speedy completion. If I list my completed leagues like a football club lists their trophies, then mine reads thus:

The Groundhog:
Championship 2006, 2016; Welsh Premier League 2014; North West Counties League Division One 2016; East Midlands League 2017. Continue reading

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Tuesday 14th March 2017 7.30pm
West Cheshire League Division Two
Ashville 4 Southport Trinity 1 HT: 2-0 Att: 40 (hc) coffee £1 Free Entry No programme

from Villa Park

Ashville FC (12)Ashville play at Villa Park and if their name was two words they’d be AVFC also. Ashville isn’t named after a place, but a street (like Graham Street Prims). They were founded by John and Joyce Dennett from 25 Ashville Road, Wallassey, in 1949. You’d be forgiven for not having heard of them as they play at Step 8 (EIGHT) of non league, in the West Cheshire Division Two. For their low place in the pyramid, their ground is remarkable – it could easily mingle a few steps higher up. Continue reading

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AFC Blackpool

dsc01741Saturday 18th February 2017 3.00pm
North West Counties League Division One (step six)
AFC Blackpool 0 Ashton Town 5 ht: 0-2 att: 76 Entrance: £6 Prog £1 Coffee £1
– : Robinson 41, Ablewhite 45, 64 (pen), Tyrer 86, Munro 90

from The Mechanics, Jepson Way, Blackpool
dsc016632The choice was between AFC Blackpool and Nelson, two of the four I’ve left to visit in the NWCL. Three of them are exactly the same distance away, to the mile. The two mentioned and Squire’s Gate. The other, Carlisle City, is a light year away.

I plumped for the lower division offering at Blackpool, attracted by the lowly positions of both teams. Blackpool were fourth bottom, but visitors Ashton were miles adrift in bottom place, 16 points under the relegation zone, with their only win in 26 coming at today’s reverse fixture, a 3-0 win on 20th August. Other than that they’d recorded two draws and 23 losses. Continue reading

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Birstall United

dsc01523Monday 2nd January 2017 3.00pm
East Midland League
Birstall United 0 Aylestone Park 4 ht: 0-1 att: 64 Entrance £4 Programme £0.50 (but none published today) Coffee £1
Missed pen (65) : Laywood 34 (pen), Carline 54, Jepson 70, Tyers 80

from Meadow Lane
dsc01404The first outing of 2017, but the game I ended up going to was not on the agenda when I set out. I was set to go to Coventry Copsewood v Southam United, looking for a thumping home win, but had to divert as my traffic-enabled satnav told me the journey time was 2hrs 20 minutes, due to… well actually fairly typical M6 conditions, even on a non workday. The suggested alternative route added 20 miles to the journey, but anyway it became a point of principle to eschew the constipated north south route. So once again I headed out on the untrammelled A50, west to east, a driver’s paradise. Continue reading

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Bedworth United

dsc01357Thursday 29th December 2016
Northern League Division One South
Bedworth United 5 Loughborough Dynamo 1 ht: 2-0 att: 172
Cavanagh 9, Parrott 22, Christie 55, Creaney 57, Jeys 66 : Demidh 74

from The Oval (Entrance £9, Programme £2, Coffee £1)

dsc01318Bedworth United have not appeared on my radar much over the years. They’re one of those border clubs that change between the Southern League and Northern League, dependent on the new geographical mix of clubs. In 2014-15 they were promoted via the play-offs to the Southern Premier. Last season they were relegated from the Southern Premier, but joined the Northern League Division One South. Despite not knowing anything about them, I’d chosen The Oval for this rare Thursday night action. Continue reading

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Three Men and a Blaby

bwafc-programmeSaturday 17th December 2016 15.00
East Midlands League Premier
Blaby & Whetstone Athletic 5 Ellistown & Ibstock 1 ht: 4-0 att: 40 Ent: £5 Prog £2 Coffee £1
Lane 3, Ireland 13, Bates 24, Preston 31, 79 : Thorpe 70

from Warwick Road

dsc01276Blaby & Whetstone Athletic continued my collection of EML grounds, now 18 out of 22. The EML has quickly become my favourite league, mostly for the attacking style of play adopted by most teams – it’s easily the highest scoring league for me personally – I’d bet it was in the top five of Step Six leagues nationally. Just this season, in my three previous jaunts to Holwell Sports, West Bridgford and Radcliffe Borough I’ve seen a 2-5, 4-4 and 5-1 respectively. Continue reading

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