Cheadle Town

Date: Wednesday May 05 2010
Ground: Park Road Stadium
Comp: North West Counties Div One (step six)
Match: Cheadle Town 4 Wigan Robin Park 1  HT: 2-1 ATT: 32
Additional: Entrance £3, Programme £1.00, Coffee/Tea £0.60

Park Road Stadium in pictures

I went to Park Road at the end of last season. Nice little ground with a great main stand, that’s very steep and gives a good view of proceedings from the top. It’s very comfortable despite having no backs to the seats and them being just delineated along a continuous bench. It seats around 200.

Main Stand

Cheadle Town date back to 1961 and their opponents, Wigan Robin Park, are just five years old.

Park Road was very hospitable; the guy working in the snack bar, on seeing my disappointment at there being no programs left, promised to try to snaffle one of the complimentary ones off a player at half time. He was true to his workd and held me one back. Coffee was also very cheap and nice. Quite how they’d run out of programs was a mystery as the official attendance was 32 but of all the head counts I did none reached more than 20. The print run must’ve been in single figures. It’s a shame the attendances are poor because Park Road occupies a large area and has room for expansion.

The game was entertaining but the quality very poor. The score should realistically have been about 5-2 after 10 minutes with some of the worst defending I’ve ever seen. As it was Cheadle took a quick 2-0 lead, with Wigan RP getting one back before half time. Had the finishing been better it could have been a silly score before the break.

View from the stand

The ground is close to Manchester Airport, so if the match is boring you can at least see planes very close up flying over the Park Road. The ground has a lot of land attached to it with great swathes of grass going back from the perimeter. Ideal for expansion if only they had the fans to fill it.

Behind the goal

5 thoughts on “Cheadle Town

  1. Looks much better than I’d been led to believe. This is one of the few at step6+ I need in Manchester area. Did Salford City on Monday – fantastic main stand. You’ll love it.

  2. This ground was once owned by Manchester City, after Shawe View but before Platt Lane and Carrington. Big pitch!

  3. Happened across your post while searching through yahoo. I go through the 1st paragraph and its fantastic! I do not have enough time to finish it now, but I have bookmarked your website and will understand the rest tonight. : )

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