Scarborough Athletic

Date: Saturday April 05 2010
Ground: Queensgate Stadium (home of Bridlington Town)
Comp: Northern Counties East Premier League
Match: Scarborough Athletic 3 Long Eaton United 0  HT: 2-0 ATT: 370
Phillips 81, Webb 90
Additional: Entrance £4, Programme £1.00, Coffee/Tea £0.80

Queensgate Stadium in pictures (apologies for resolution – taken on phone)

Seamer Road (Defunct) in pictures

This game was attended near the end of last season. Scarborough were in 5th with Long Eaton in mid-table. They are sharing with Bridlington at the minute but hope to move back to Scarborough shortly. It is such a shame they can’t go back to Seamer Road as the old stadium is still there – see pictures at the bottom – and is a great old stadium. Unfortunately money rules nowadays and the developers got there first.

If I’d waited a couple of weeks I could’ve seen them beat Brodsworth Miners’ Welfare 13-0! As it was they comfortably beat Long Eaton United 2-0.

Main Stand
Industrial Backdrop
Side that backs on to Bridlington Rugby Ground
View from the Stand

…and the old ground Seamer Road, huge and still in tact, apart from the wear and tear of disuse. Detailed pictures were difficult as access was strictly prohibited and there were no nice fissures or nooks to poke through.

View from Seamer Road

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