Penlake (@Rudheath Social)

Thursday 22nd May 2014 19.00
Cheshire League One
Penlake 6 Egerton 2 HT: 2-2 Att: 14 headcount
9,23,60,65,70,80 : 16,30

from Griffiths Park (home of Rudheath Social)

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Ford Motors

Ford Motors (20)Tuesday 15th August 2017 6.45pm
Cheshire League Division Two
Ford Motors 7 Orford 1 HT: 3-1 att: 30(hc) Entrance FREE with FREE programme.

from Jaguar Sports & Social Club

Ford Motors (1)Non-league and in particular the Cheshire League continue to impress me. I’d only even heard of the club earlier in the day when they advertised the fact they were issuing a programme on Twitter. This is step nine! This is a step only talked about in whispers in toilets with the taps running. Some heavily bearded seasoned groundhoppers have been known to shun steps as low as these. But here lies Ford Motors in the third tier of the Cheshire League, with full clubhouse, railed pitch, stand and match programme. What an expedition this was.

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Malpas (1)Wednesday 10th August 2016 6.45pm
Cheshire League Premier
Malpas 3 Congleton Vale Rovers 0 ht: 3-0 att: 45 (hc) Ent: £3 (inc Programme) Coffee: £1
Hailes, Morris, Sadler

from Malpas Sports & Social Club

Malpas (3)aThe nascent season, the time to get county games in, during the few weeks of late sunsets, before September arrives and it’s Saturdays only for the un-floodlit fields of the minor leagues. My first such game of the season and indeed the Cheshire League, a 6.45er. I knew nothing of the ground or club beforehand, giving the evening a bit of mystery. I love this time of year, heading out after work in the sunshine for a pint and some early kick off footy, back home before 10pm. Shame it just bookends the bulk of the season.

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Wythenshawe Town

DSC00339Tuesday 30th August 2016 6.30pm
Cheshire League Premier
Wythenshawe Town 2 Knutsford 0 HT: 1-0 att: 80 (hc) Ent: £2, Prog £1 Coffee £1

from Ericstan Park

DSC00314What an unexpected charm Ericstan Park was, not to mention a fascinating top-of -the-table encounter on the pitch. Wythenshawe had flown beneath my radar until this season, on account of being a step eight side, a step where most teams play on roped pitches – my groundspeed is not yet sufficient to warrant delving that low.

Town got promoted from division one last season, thus exhibiting a small blip on my radar screen. Being just up the A34, it was a must on the last week of 6.30 kick offs, before the sun sets too early for county league midweeks. As a bonus they were playing champions and neighbours, Knutsford, lying second in the league to Wythenshawe’s early top position. Continue reading “Wythenshawe Town”

Denton Town

DSC06543Tuesday 24th May 2016 6.45pm
Cheshire League Premier
Denton Town 4 Rylands 2 ht: 1-1 att: 50hc FREE

Scoring 0-1, 1-1,2-1, 3-1, 3-2, 4-2

from Whittles Park

DSC064852My last game of the season, courtesy of the late finishing Cheshire league. It was a case of anywhere would do, but as it happened Denton Town was a great little venue and another cracking Cheshire League tie. Always a shame that when the evenings get light and sunny, the football season ends. There’s nothing better than standing in a t-shirt at a county league match, watching the sun go down. The sun may go down, but it only serves to rouse my appetite further for football.

This game was second bottom v third bottom. I wasn’t expecting much, but it was a great game of football; Denton certainly belied their lowly position with some engaging football, and should have won by a greater margin. Continue reading “Denton Town”

Linotype Cheadle Heath Nomads

Tuesday 19th May 2016 7.00pm
Cheshire League Premier
Linotype Cheadle Heath Nomads 4 Rylands 0 ht: 2-0 att: 50 hc FREE No Prog
Power 30, Yuille 37, 70, Danaher 90

from The Heath

Cheadle Heath Nomads (4)The Cheshire League can always be relied on for late, late fixtures, well into May. While most divisions have ended, this one goes right on until Saturday May 28th, giving me yet another midweek game next week, at Denton Town.

Tonight’s game was at second placed Cheadle Heath Nomads, or to give them their sponsored name Linotype-Cheadle Heath Nomads. (Not the only four word team in the division – remember Greenals Padgate Saint Oswalds?). I’m guessing the Linotype refers to the British offshoot of the Mergenthaler-Linotype US company, set up in Broadheath, Altrincham. Details about the club are in short supply on the web, though. The Linotype-Cheadle is always hyphenated, which is a bit strange. Continue reading “Linotype Cheadle Heath Nomads”