Leek Town update 19-09-09

prog v Spalding 19-09-09Unibond League South
Sep 5 Leek Town 1 Stamford 0 HT: 0-0 ATT: 272
           Miller 51
Sep 12 Shepshed Dynamo 1 Leek Town 1 HT: 0-1 ATT: 141
              Ramsay 90                  Corden 6
Sep 19 Leek Town Spalding 0 HT: 1-0 ATT: 276
              Cope 39


Leek stay top of the league after another 1-0 victory today, against Spalding. Two weeks ago they weren’t on top form, but managed to beat Stamford 1-0, thanks to an acrobatic strike from Miller in the second half. Stamford would’ve felt aggrieved at not getting a point there, though. It was a slim victory.

Stanford Attack
Stanford Attack

I didn’t go to Shepshed, unfortunately, but apparently Leek were unlucky not to hang on to their early lead, conceding in the ninetieth minute.

Today, against Spalding, again Leek Town didn’t look the sharp side that were banging goals in earlier on in the season. They are still playing some good football but don’t seem to have the passion and urgency of the first week or so. This could be down to being top of the league, with teams coming here braced for a tough game.

I was quite impressed with Spalding. Their record before today was the exact opposite of Leek (0-2-5), but they played like a team much higher up the table. They should’ve taken the lead with a twenty yarder tipped on to the bar by Hodgson, with the rebound not falling nicely for them. They also had a free shot tamely struck at Hodgy, that should’ve been a goal. Leek rode a bit of luck before a Johnson free-kick was headed powerfully into the top of the net by Cope. 1-0 half time.

The second half was fairly even but, again, Leek were a bit lucky not to concede to a Spalding side determined to get an equaliser. Leek had a few chances themselves, but there were no more goals and Leek win 1-0 again. Despite not being on top form they have managed to get 7/9 points, very nearly the full 9/9, were it not for the Shepshed 90. So far, this season I have seen five Leek games and they’ve won all five! My luck cannot last – surely. I am going to Quorn next week, home to the ultimate processed food, the odds are my record will fall there, but let’s hope not.

Leek v Spalding 19-09-09 001


2 thoughts on “Leek Town update 19-09-09

  1. it is good that you are promoting leek town my local team just letting you know the club is running a coach to nantwich town on saturday for the fa trophy this could be the best cup run for years

  2. Hi Kev,

    Thanks. I hope i can make it Saturday. Should be a good atmosphere. I was at Carlton Saturday – very disappointing defeat, but I’m enjoying following Leek this season.


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