groundhog to the Groundhog – the football Ground travelog.

Herein lies pictures and reports from league and non-league grounds around England, and the occasional odd piece on other football related matters such as Subbuteo. A full list of reports is under the heading A-Z Trave(b)log on the right and down.


39 Responses to Welcome

  1. Dutchboy says:

    I found out why your name rang a bell. I have a small collection of North American football books, and the name Darren Poole is mentioned in there several times. He’s a Canadian forward who played in the NASL in 1982 and won a few caps for Canada.

  2. Dutchboy says:

    I see you’ve listed two sites under stadia, grounds. One site I like, mainly because it lists enormous numbers of stadia, while in-depth info on individual stadia is still lacklustre (I have to admit), is the following: http://www.worldstadiums.com/

  3. Dutchboy says:

    Happy Groundhog Day! May tomorrow be February the third! Please delete upon reading. Thanks.

  4. skif says:

    Just found this. Great stuff.

    Linked now from hobotread.blogspot.com. Any chance of a return link?

  5. thegroundhog says:

    Of course! Actually I already have a link of yours in my Kidsgrove post, but I’ll stick your main site at the top with the other 2 links, so it’s prominent.

  6. thegroundhog says:

    Happy Groundhog Day for Feb 2nd, and thanks for the tip! I didn’t realise until you said. It meant I could put a humorous(debatable) comment about people celebrating my website.
    Thanks for your continued support Dutchboy – been to any grounds lately?

  7. Bob Gilbert says:

    Still checking in David. Still enjoying reading the site too! Happy days. Been to the Keepmoat yet? Or are you coming to the Millenium with us?!



  8. thegroundhog says:

    Hi there! Good to hear from you. I haven’t been to the Keepmoat yet – next season definitely if we’re in the same division. Sounded like a cracking game against Crewe – are you still unbeaten at the Keepmoat?
    I hope you enjoy the final – great to see Donny doing so well again.

  9. Dutchboy says:

    In order to add a feel of urgency to my ‘groundhopping’ plans, I opened a new blog account. It may take awhile, even after visiting grounds, before I post anything, especially if I take pictures, but once anything happens, I’ll let you know. For a preview of my as yet contentless blog, just click on Dutchboy.

  10. thegroundhog says:

    Good idea. It should encourage you to go touring round Holland’s stadiums! I’ll look forward to your posts.

  11. Dutchboy says:

    Made my first post, about the baseball game I have already told you about. It includes a picture. My next post will also be about an old game, one I went to in 1997 between Ghent and Bruges.

  12. Sticky says:

    Hey Groundhog, I am going to Stafford Rangers v Tamworth on Sat, where are you off to? Cheers Sticky

  13. thegroundhog says:

    Funnily enough I was just looking at possibles for Tuesday 13th and had settled on Stafford v Gravesend! However, I may be able to make tomorrow. I’d have to clear it with the Mrs first, though. Can I let you know tonight. What’s your email? I’d say the chances were 33% but if I can, we could meet for a pint perhaps?

  14. Jamie says:

    Hello there groundhog. Just found your site and its great. Keep up the good work. Recently started my own blog at http://fitbadaft.blogspot.com if you fancy a look.

  15. thegroundhog says:

    Thanks for the comment. It’s always great to receive praise, as I’m sure you’re aware! I have had a quick look at your site and it looks excellent. You take a good photo. It’s nice to hear about some lower level games north of the border. I’ll add your link to my groundhoppers category.

  16. Tom says:

    As a Brighton fan myself (albeit one now exiled to the U.S.), I find it particularly interesting that you’ve chosen to groundhop around the non-league world nowadays.

    I think that’s a fascinating choice, and it’s wonderful to see the variety of football grounds in your pictures. Keep up the great work, and I’ve added a link to you from my own site.

  17. thegroundhog says:

    Thanks for your comments and thanks for linking me to your site. I was very flattered to see you’d quoted me! It made my day. Being in the US is probably a good thing for a Brighton fan nowadays! It’s a shame, because this ground saga is sapping all their cash, but I think Deano is doing a great job with the youngsters. I’ve seen them twice away this season – two defeats of course…and we have a good away record.
    I haven’t had much of a look at your site yet but it certainly looks good from what I’ve seen and a bit different to the norm. I’ll link to you and have a good look when I get more time and let you know.

    Cheers, fellow seagull.

  18. Shaun Smith says:

    Still can’t believe you still haven’t been to St.James’Park :-0
    We’ll have to sort something out next season,or maybe you should visit Newcastle as your 92nd,keep the best till last.

  19. thegroundhog says:

    It is my one big footballing regret, not going to St James’s Park. When I lived in Preston in about 1992, I was all set to go by train, changing at Carlisle, but my blistered feet made me change my mind.
    We won 1-0, Mark Gall in the 78th minute. It still rankles!!
    If you can get me a ticket for a game I’d love to come up.

  20. Mark87 says:

    Hi, just wanted to say you have a very nice blog, am gonna add it in my website in the blogs section, but i think you should replace your background with a better one.. but this is just my opinion 🙂

  21. thegroundhog says:


    Thanks for your comments. I’m interested in your background views! Do you mean the general white background or just the picture or both? My reckoning has always been the clearer the better, hence white. Some blogsites are so dark you can barely read the words or see the pictures.
    What would you recommend as a background?

  22. twouptwodown says:

    Boo to progress! Bring back the oldie!

    No, seriously, this one’s a bit corporate; the other one was friendlier.

    Expect a one-man demonstration with suitably witty placard outside groundhog towers…

  23. rambler77 says:

    Just seen your post of last season’s game between Market Drayton and Oadby. I was at that game myself doubling up as an Oadby fan and groundhopper. I think I was the person you were referring to as “one of us” with the camera. I agree with your comments on the game and town itself.

  24. thegroundhog says:

    Hi there,
    I did wonder if you would ever stumble across this blog and recognise yourself! I was tempted to approach you at Market Drayton, as I was sure you were a groundspotter.
    Thanks for the comment

  25. rambler77 says:

    I’m a part time groundhopper when time and money allows. I was there with my dad, his partner and my wife. I set up my own blog towards the end of last season to publish my own thoughts and occasional pictures.

  26. Trevor says:


    Great blog. I really like how you have it set up.

    Anyway, I have an idea that you might like. I’d rather talk about it over e-mail so shoot me an e-mail.


  27. crucible77 says:

    Hi, Great blog I really like reading your reports!

    I am going to link to your site from mine http://ryan147.com and was wondering if you could put my link on here in return

    Thanks 🙂


  28. Geoff Ruck says:

    You may be interested to know that the inter-island games are being held on the Isle of Wight in 2011

    There will be 20 teams competing from islands around the world. The football competitions will take place at 9 different venues, all of which are Wessex League or Isle of Wight Division 1

    For anybody interested, there will be a ‘season ticket’ priced at £20 which will permit entry to all of the games including semi-finals and finals

    Details of the grounds can be found at : http://www.iowdfa.org.uk/Island_Games.htm

    Please feel free to contact me for more information


    Geoff Ruck

  29. Thanks for the auspicious writeup. It in fact was once a amusement account it. Glance complicated to more delivered agreeable from you! By the way, how can we be in contact?

  30. Luke says:

    Hello , great site! I was wondering if you could please display the link for my site http://www.lukes92.webeden.co.uk on your site. I would be happy to display the link of your site on mine. Cheers , Luke

    • thegroundhog says:

      Hi Luke,
      Thanks for the comment. Just had a quick look at your site – it looks very good, nice simple uncluttered style. I’m happy to link to you – I’ll add it now. Good luck with the 92 – I’ve given up for now, stalled on 76.

  31. James Bagshaw says:


    This is a great website, you’ve evidently been to a lot of fascinating grounds around England and Wales.

    Have you ever considered going up to Scotland and visiting some of the grounds there? I regularly go and watch Stenhousemuir play at Ochilview, famed for its view of the Ochil Hills and is a great ground, and there are many others.

    Good luck for this season,


    • thegroundhog says:

      Hi James,
      Thanks for your comments. I would love to visit some Scottish grounds. I’ve seen pictures of some of the East of Scotland league and Highland league grounds and some look very charismatic and grand. The problem is it’s just a bit far away and expensive to justify going for just one game. If they had a groundhop like they do in Wales where you could visit several over a weekend I’d definitely be up for that.
      Stenhousemiur sounds good.

      Thanks again for your comments


  32. Nathaniel says:

    You should come down to hednesford (:

    • thegroundhog says:

      I went to Hednesford when they were in the Conference about 12 years ago. I went with a Northwich fan. Northwich were 1-0 up at half time but ended up losing 7-1! Nice ground if I recall but a lot of work has gone on since.

  33. jake oakley says:

    is there any teams 4 18 year olds that need players if so would u be able let me know by email jake.b.oakley@talktalk.net thanks

  34. Karl Arthur says:

    Hello Darren

    I am looking for football writers to join a project for the next season
    We have made something similar to a Sweepstakes Game on the FA Cup
    But it’s not out of a hat
    You get to choose 10 teams from the very first round of the FA Cup
    It’s designed to familiarise people with grassroots clubs in the regions
    And to raise some money for them

    If you would like to join in and help us test this
    Just click here https://goo.gl/a34RdF (or paste it) press the synch button to bring
    it up to date and pick away

    Doesn’t cost anything and there are cash prizes to simulate the finished game

    Always a pleasure reading the blogs as I do this
    Where is that ground by the way in the header?


    Karl Arthur


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