Saturday 15th August 2020 12.00
Buxworth 10 Bollington 2 HT: 8-0 Att: 12

Once more unto the Peak, dear friends, once more. After two great games in the week at lower league Peak venues with Dave, I was solo this Saturday, but with a taste for more Peaky football. I found this fixture kicking off at midday, with the opposition again the new Hope Valley side Bollington, who I had seen at Doveholes on Tuesday. I was Bolly’s superfan this week.

I had no clue what to expect from Buxworth’s venue. I knew it would be another pitch somewhere, but when I finally stumbled upon it after getting lost and fearing I might not find it at all, it was a real hidden gem, nestled in the small village of Buxworth in a deep valley with some of the best views yet. This was proper village football, with the ground being off the narrow main drag, opposite some cottages with a dry stone wall providing the boundary to the pitch. This was what you’d get if you crossed Peak Practice with Jossy’s Giants.

This was more idyllic football viewing and once again I was surprised at how competititive and entertaining the football was. Bollington were torn apart in the first half by a mixture of superb finishing and poor defending. They were 8-0 down at the break, with some of the strikes class long distance efforts.

Bollington managed to draw the second period 2-2 and credit to them for not losing faith. Their keeper also managed to pull off a great save to a penalty.

This was my first ever 10-2 scoreline and only my fifth double figures. This Covid-19 affected season is starting to warm me to the lower echelons of the non-league pyramid – who needs perimeter bars and stands, when you have these National Park views and village walls. Let the agricultural journey commence…


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