Greenalls Padgate St Oswalds

Wednesday 19th August 2015
Cheshire League Premier
Greenalls Padgate St Oswalds Fearnhead Tetley Walker F’tang F’tang Ole Biscuit Barrel 1 Garswood 3 ht: 0-2 att: 48 hc

£1 Entry, No Prog

from Tetley Walker Sports Club

GPSO (18)Greenalls Padgate Saint Oswalds, one of an elite group of seven syllable teams. A team name so long, even
when it is acronymed it’s as long as Bury. At 31 characters, including spaces, it must be amongst the longest in the UK. One would expect its history to be likewise stretched and ungainly, but it is almost disappointingly
straightforward. Greenalls, a brewery side, were founded in 1963, merging with neighbouring Cheshire side
Padgate St Oswalds in 2003, simple as that I’m afraid. Not quite the epic history of Dagenham and Redbridge. Continue reading “Greenalls Padgate St Oswalds”

Shepshed Dynamo

Shepshed Dynamo (29)Saturday 15th August 2015
FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round

Shepshed Dynamo 1 Retford United 0 ht: 0-0 att: 185

from The Dovecote, Butthole Lane

og 85

Shepshed Dynamo (18)The Shepshed faithful sing:

If you love it up the butthole clap your hands

…quite a disarming chant to hear unless you’d spotted the road sign on the way in. Shepshed Dynamo play in surely the best named road to house football in the country – Butthole Lane. Butt is an old English word for target and the name derives from Tudor times when archers practised in the area.The residents here, far from being embarrassed at a bit of a nomenclaturial misfortune, are proud of their heritage, happy to keep the name, even sing about it. Unlike the residents of Butt Hole Road in South Yorkshire, which was renamed to Archers Way.  The Shepshedians are not so pretentious – they do not want their Butthole wiping. Continue reading “Shepshed Dynamo”

Bardon Hill

Bardon Hill (19)Tuesday 11th August 2015
Midland League Premier Division

Bardon Hill 2 Coleshill Town 2 ht: 2-2 att: 84

from Bardon Hill Sports Centre

Tozer 6, Fray 45+5; Barlone 25, Johnson 29

Bardon Hill (1)2I’m fast running out of midweek grounds. There’s only five left above step six, less than 50 miles away. FC United’s Broadhurst Park became one of that number this season. Widening the net to 60 miles opens up another 21 grounds for me, 15 of which are East. Bardon Hill were one of that number, along with a glut of other East Midlands and Midland League clubs. Luckily they all lie along the A50, which given the state of the M6 these days is a good thing, and a hell of a lot quicker. (Most people from the Midlands have set their land speed records on this road). Bardon Hill won the East Midland league last season and were promoted to the Midland League Premier Division. They have only been at step six of non league since joining the East Midland League in 2007-08 from the Leicestershire Senior League. The club go all the way back to 1890 though. Despite being a small community in Coalville they have a rich history of football.

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Eastwood Hanley – a new dawn

Wednesday 5th August 2015

Eastwood Hanley 3 Shamblers FC 1 ht: 2-0 att: circa 20 free no prog

from Trentmill Road

Almost twenty years ago I first visited the decrepit ground of the former Northern League club Eastwood Hanley. It was less than 2 years since their demise and their ghostly ground still had the roof lattice on their big side terrace. Sheets of corrugated metal hung from their small covered stand behind the goal. The skeletal burnt-out shell of their main stand was visible down the far corner of the pitch. Almost nine years ago I revisited and not much had changed. Pics here

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Charnock Richard

DSC03182 (2)Saturday 1st August 2015
Wilf Carr Memorial Trophy

Charnock Richard 1 Fulwood Amateurs 2 ht: 0-0 att: circa 100
Entrance £3 Programme £1

from Mossie Park
65: 85, 88

Charnock Richard (2)After the disappointment of not finding the venue of Dunkerque v Amiens in Teteghem, it was back to dependable English football; with Sat Navs and mobile internet. We headed up the M6 for the Charity Shield of the West Lancs League – the Wilf Carr Memorial Trophy. This marks the ribbon cutting of the new West Lancs league season, with the current champions playing the winners of the Richardson Cup. Charnock Richard actually won both these, so Fulwood, as cup finalists, formed the opposition. Continue reading “Charnock Richard”

US Outreau

DSC03632Tuesday 21st July
Match Amicale
US Boulogne 0 Le Havre 2 ht: 0-2 att: circa 1,000

@ Stade D’Outreau, home of US Outreau

DSC02884A Family holiday in Stella Plage. Some serious delving on the internet finally found a friendly (match amicale) dans Boulogne, just 30 miles up the coast, on the Tuesday. Delicate negotiations later and having got my priorities straight, me and my eldest were on our way up the D940. With no European Sat Nav and unwilling to pay exhorbitant foreign roaming charges for mobile internet we arrived without a clue where the ground was. Several wound-down-window conversions in passable French later and we arrived at the Stade de la Liberation…to find it empty. A lone runner ran round the athletics track in the middle of an impressive (but empty) stadium. Continue reading “US Outreau”

Glyndwr Lex XI

DSC02724Friday 3rd July 7.00pm @ Stansty Park
Glyndwr Lex XI 1 Wrexham 7 (half time 1-2 att: circa 600)

If you condense a season into 90 mins, the previous few have had about six or seven minutes injury time, where one can pick off a few extra grounds; as various non-leagues’ fixtures run on into late May. I’d enjoyed the added time the last couple of seasons; standing in bonus, hitherto uncharted, grounds in the late spring sunshine. This season just gone, however, had only one minute of injury time. I felt cheated of my usual trickle of last gasp fixtures, with leagues finishing bang on schedule, some before May had even started. Rather than feeling satiated at season’s close, I had a dull ache for more. Continue reading “Glyndwr Lex XI”