Denton Town

DSC06543Tuesday 24th May 2016 6.45pm
Cheshire League Premier
Denton Town 4 Rylands 2 ht: 1-1 att: 50hc FREE

Scoring 0-1, 1-1,2-1, 3-1, 3-2, 4-2

from Whittles Park

DSC064852My last game of the season, courtesy of the late finishing Cheshire league. It was a case of anywhere would do, but as it happened Denton Town was a great little venue and another cracking Cheshire League tie. Always a shame that when the evenings get light and sunny, the football season ends. There’s nothing better than standing in a t-shirt at a county league match, watching the sun go down. The sun may go down, but it only serves to rouse my appetite further for football.

This game was second bottom v third bottom. I wasn’t expecting much, but it was a great game of football; Denton certainly belied their lowly position with some engaging football, and should have won by a greater margin. Continue reading “Denton Town”

Linotype Cheadle Heath Nomads

Tuesday 19th May 2016 7.00pm
Cheshire League Premier
Linotype Cheadle Heath Nomads 4 Rylands 0 ht: 2-0 att: 50 hc FREE No Prog
Power 30, Yuille 37, 70, Danaher 90

from The Heath

Cheadle Heath Nomads (4)The Cheshire League can always be relied on for late, late fixtures, well into May. While most divisions have ended, this one goes right on until Saturday May 28th, giving me yet another midweek game next week, at Denton Town.

Tonight’s game was at second placed Cheadle Heath Nomads, or to give them their sponsored name Linotype-Cheadle Heath Nomads. (Not the only four word team in the division – remember Greenals Padgate Saint Oswalds?). I’m guessing the Linotype refers to the British offshoot of the Mergenthaler-Linotype US company, set up in Broadheath, Altrincham. Details about the club are in short supply on the web, though. The Linotype-Cheadle is always hyphenated, which is a bit strange. Continue reading “Linotype Cheadle Heath Nomads”

Johnstown Youth

Saturday 14th May 2016
Welsh National League Division One
Johnstown Youth 0 Llanuwchyllin 13 (THIRTEEN) ht: 0-5 att: 25 hc FREE entry No PROG

Approx Mins: 11,16,22,26,30,50,55,59,72,75,80,84,87

from Moreton Playing FieldsHeol Kenyon

Johnstown Youth (1)It finally happened! After seeing my first match in 1978, and in all the 38 years since of watching football, I’d never seen a team score double figures (or a nine either, for that matter). Well today smashed that record, going beyond 10 to 13, five more than my previous best. And the goals in game was three better than my joint best of 10. Continue reading “Johnstown Youth”

Dunkirk AFC

AFC Dunkirk (25)Saturday 30th April 2016 3pm
Notts Senior League Premier Division
Dunkirk AFC 3 Burton Joyce 1 ht: 2-1 att: 25

Hemagou 25, 45 (pen), Moore 65; Player 15

from Ron Steel Ground

I’d seen two games already today on the Notts Senior hop. I was told, after entering Beeston, that the third game of the day on the hop at Nottinghamshire FC was as basic as they come. Hearing this, standing next to a pitch in a park, I wondered just how basic it could get? Did Nottinghamshire FC not even have nets? Knowing the kick off was scheduled for 3.15pm, I looked for an alternative 3pm kick off, and found Dunkirk AFC, who share with their older brother Dunkirk FC, who play at step five in the Midland League. It would feel like coming up for air, seeing a proper ground with seats, floodlights and everything. As it turned out, the game was better too. Continue reading “Dunkirk AFC”

Bilborough United

Bilborough United (18)Saturday 30th April 12.45pm 2016
Notts Senior League Division One
Bilborough United 1 Ashland Rovers 0 ht: 1-0 att: 239 ent: £3 prog £1 Coffee £1
England 6

from Basil Russell Park

Bilborough United (3)The was the second game of the day and the third of the Notts Senior League hop. This was a division lower than the 10.05 game, but both sides looked a little better. In fact, the first ten minutes laid down a deposit, promising a good game. The game lost its deposit shortly after. It was a lively start with the Ashland wingers looking fast and dangerous. However, after six minutes, Robert England, for Bilborough, was through on goal and his shot was only parried by the Ashland keeper, into the net. Not so much a Nightmare on Elm Street as a Nightmare on Maple Drive. Continue reading “Bilborough United”


Beeston (18)
Saturday 30th April 2016 10.05am
Notts Senior League Premier Division

Beeston 0 Underwood Villa 0 ht: 0-0 att: 291 Ent: £2 Prog £1 Coffee £1

from the Hetley Pearson Recreation Ground

I’d never been to a Notts Senior League game before. This was the annual Notts hop, which Rob Hornby has been organising for a few years now. This was to be the last of the Notts hops. Rob ran the Central Midlands League hops before this. I’d been on one of his CML hops before – they are seemlessly organised and great for the local clubs and the groundhoppers alike. They are very popular among hoppers, but personally, I prefer to watch non-league at a higher level, step six and above, both on account of seeing furnished grounds and better football. However, the lure of four new grounds in one day was too much. Continue reading “Beeston”

Garden Village Youth

Garden Village Youth (2) aTuesday 26th April 2016 6.30pm
Welsh National League Division One (Welsh step four)
Garden Village Youth 1 Johnstown Youth 2 ht: 1-1 att: 16 hc Ent: FREE prog: NO

from Rhostyllen

It had been a while since a midweek Welsh game, so I really fancied one. When I think of Welsh midweeks, I think back to a pretty much perfect sunny April evening, when I saw Denbigh Town v Caernarfon Town in a Welsh Alliance title decider. I don’t think that evening could ever be beaten in terms of game, ground, backdrop and beer, but I do try to capture the same atmosphere now and again. What I forget is how bad the football is at this level; especially at step four. Bad Welsh football  (and County League football) seems to have the same effect on me as the Doctor Who creatures The Silencewho go out of your mind unless you are actually facing them. Continue reading “Garden Village Youth”