Bangor City (Nantporth)

Date: Thursday July 05 2012
Ground: Nantporth
Comp: Europa Cup Qualification Round 1
Match: Bangor City 0 Zimbru Chisinau 0  HT: 0-0

ATT: 1,012
Additional: Entrance £15.00 Programme £3
Nantporth in pictures
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Ground Statistics (marks out of ten, maximum 40)
Character 8, Structures/Terracing 8, Hospitality 9, Backdrop/Scenery or aesthetics for larger stadiums 8
Total 33

When July arrives you can start to smell the new season. Football’s hibernation is coming to its latter stages, heart rate and breathing has increased, the snooze button’s been pressed, the twigs have been disturbed with a tentative sniff of the air. It dangles tantalisingly on the horizon. Most league’s fixtures are out, teams are back in training and the friendlies are starting soon.  Going to a game this early though, is like opening a christmas present before christmas day – while it is exciting it feels wrong somehow. Watching football in early July is unnatural – like cauliflower cheese at a carvery. Continue reading “Bangor City (Nantporth)”