Stourport Swifts

Saturday 29th April 2020 15.00
Midland Premier

Stourport Swifts 2 St Andrews 2 HT: 1-0 Att: 144

Pearlman 9 Sweeney 76 : Brennan 74, Hollis 80

from Walshes Meadow

More potos from Walshes Meadow


Coventry United

Coventry United (21)Saturday 24th March 2018 15.00
Midland League Premier
Coventry United 3 Stourport Swifts 0 HT: 2-0 Att: 213 Ent: £7 Prog: £1.50 Coffee: £1
McDonald 2,71 og 20

from Butts Park Arena

Coventry United (1)Firsts obviously become less and less likely the more football you watch, but I picked up two today: 1 –  really obvious idea, but obviously never been thought of before, by any other club I’d seen – an A6 programme. Now there may be a reason for that, but full marks for originality. It didn’t irk me as much as my first A4 programme, at Ashton United, repeated at other grounds since, such as Radcliffe Borough. At least A6 can nestle neatly amongst the large bell curve of standard A5 programmes, unlike the gawky Frankenstein’s monster A4 horrors. Continue reading “Coventry United”