Foley FC

Date: Wednesday Apr 13 2011
Ground: Whitcombe Road
Comp: Staffordshire County Senior League (step seven)
Match: Foley 0 Ball Haye Green 5 HT: 0-1

ATT: 24
Additional: Entrance FREE, Programme NONE

Whitcombe Road in pictures

Ground Statistics (marks out of ten, maximum 40)
Character 7, Structures/Terracing 5, Hospitality 4, Backdrop/Scenery or aesthetics for larger stadiums 8
Total 24

Foley FC were formed in 1947 and are named after a now forgotten area of Fenton, one of the six towns of Stoke on Trent, which is in the south east of the city. (Incidentally, it is Fenton that was eschewed by the famous writer Arnold Bennett in his ‘Five Towns’ stories). The name of Foley lives on though in clubs and pub and street names. I used to play for Foley chess club. (Yes, my true sadness is now unravelling). Continue reading “Foley FC”


Abbey Hulton United

Date: Tuesday Nov 20 2010
Ground: Birches Head Road
Comp: Staffordshire County Senior League (step seven)
Match: Abbey Hulton Utd 2 Foley 1 HT: 2-0

ATT: circa 40
Additional: Entrance £2.00, Programme NONE

Birches Head Road in pictures

Abbey Hulton United is my nearest ground, and despite it not fitting in with my loosely laid down ‘rules’ of only visiting grounds with a stand and floodlights, I couldn’t resist popping along. It was my first ever English game at a venue without lights or stand. Maybe this signifies a worsening of my ground addiction – is this the scag cut with chalk and talcum powder? Continue reading “Abbey Hulton United”

Staffordshire County Senior League 2010-11

The Staffordshire County Senior League was founded in 2005. It was a merger of the Midland League (formerly known as the Staffordshire Senior League) and the Staffordshire County League. It sits at step seven of non-league football, the highest level at which your ground does not need floodlights. Promotion would be to the North West Counties League Division One, should the winner have the right facilities. Continue reading “Staffordshire County Senior League 2010-11”