Tottenham Hotspur (THS)

Wednesday 5th February 2020 20.00
FA Cup Fourth Round Replay
Tottenham Hotspur 3 Southampton 2 HT: 1-1 Att: 56,046
Stephens og 12, Moura 78, Heung-Min 87p : Long 34, Ings 72

from The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium


Shepshed Dynamo

Shepshed Dynamo (29)Saturday 15th August 2015
FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round

Shepshed Dynamo 1 Retford United 0 ht: 0-0 att: 185

from The Dovecote, Butthole Lane

og 85

Shepshed Dynamo (18)The Shepshed faithful sing:

If you love it up the butthole clap your hands

…quite a disarming chant to hear unless you’d spotted the road sign on the way in. Shepshed Dynamo play in surely the best named road to house football in the country – Butthole Lane. Butt is an old English word for target and the name derives from Tudor times when archers practised in the area.The residents here, far from being embarrassed at a bit of a nomenclaturial misfortune, are proud of their heritage, happy to keep the name, even sing about it. Unlike the residents of Butt Hole Road in South Yorkshire, which was renamed to Archers Way.  The Shepshedians are not so pretentious – they do not want their Butthole wiping. Continue reading “Shepshed Dynamo”

Borrowash Victoria

Date: Saturday Sep 03 2011
Ground: Atkinson Construction Bowl
Comp: FA Cup 1st Qualifying Round
Match: Borrowash Victoria 1 Carlton Town 3 HT: 0-2
Sequence: 0-1, 0-2, 1-2, 1-3
ATT: 132
Additional: Entrance £4.00, Programme £1.00

Atkinson Construction Bowl in pictures
Ground Statistics (marks out of ten, maximum 40)
Character 8, Structures/Terracing 7, Hospitality 7, Backdrop/Scenery or aesthetics for larger stadiums 7
Total 29

Borrowash Victoria are one of two teams who play next to each other in the Derby suburb of Spondon. The other team in this binary star system, in a remote spiral arm of the Derbyshire galaxy, is Graham Street Prims; who play in the same league. Both grounds are accessed through the same entrance with Prims on the left and Borrowash slightly further on, down the gravel car park. Continue reading “Borrowash Victoria”

Gornal Athletic

Date: Saturday Aug 20 2011
Ground: Garden Walk
Comp: FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round
Match: Gornal Athletic 2 Shifnal Town 2 HT: 0-1

ATT: 60 Head Count
Additional: Entrance £4.00, Programme £1.00

Garden Walk in pictures

Ground Statistics (marks out of ten, maximum 40)
Character 8, Structures/Terracing 7, Hospitality 7, Backdrop/Scenery or aesthetics for larger stadiums 6
Total 28

Gornal Athletic are a small, unassuming club that have been around since 1919, taking over from an earlier incarnation called Gornal Wood Excelsior. They have always played in Lower Gornal, between Sedgley and Dudley, in North West Birmingham, and indeed were know as Lower Gornal Athletic until 1972. They have played in the West Midland Regional League since 1962, a league that spans steps six to eight. They are currently in the Premier step six division, along with today’s opponents Shifnal Town, from near Telford. Continue reading “Gornal Athletic”

Wembley (New)

Date: Sunday Apr 17 2011
Ground: Wembley
Comp: FA Cup Semi Final
Match: Bolton Wanderers 0 Stoke City 5  HT: 0-3
Etherington 11, Huth 17, Jones 30, Walters 67, 80

ATT: 75,064
Additional: Entrance £34.50, Programme £5.00

Wembley in pictures

Ground Statistics (marks out of ten, maximum 40)
Character 7, Structures/Terracing 7, Hospitality 3, Backdrop/Scenery or aesthetics for larger stadiums 7
Total 24

I was very privileged to be at one of or maybe the best Stoke game in their history. They danced with ease into their first FA Cup final. A stark contrast to one of the first Stoke games I saw at the Britannia, where they lost 8-0 to Liverpool in the League Cup. 13 years and 13 goals’ difference later and they are a very different club indeed. A cup final, a place in Europe and a top ten Premier place contender. Continue reading “Wembley (New)”

Tamworth FC

Date: Saturday Nov 06 2010
Ground: Lamb Ground
Comp: FA Cup 1st Round
Match: Tamworth 2 Crewe 1 HT: 1-0
Rodman 15, Thomas 55: Westwood 88

ATT: 1,776
Additional: Entrance £14.00, Programme £2.50, Coffee/Tea £1.00
Lamb Ground in pictures

This was an irresistible cup tie; not too far away in the southern tip of Staffordshire, a new ground, with a good potential for a cup upset. And upset it turned out to be in the end, with the Conference club beating League Two Crewe Alexandra, 2-1. For a Conference or above club Tamworth made a refreshing change with its lack of petty rules and regulations. It was a really pleasant surprise and scores ten out of ten for hospitality. As my eight-year-old and I milled about the entrance a steward, seeing that we weren’t regulars, invited us through the big doors to have a look at the ground before deciding where to go. It was ticketed, but you could pay at the turnstiles for a ticket and were even allowed back out, as we were a tad early and wanted a wander round before kick off. £14 for adults £8 for children. Effortless laissez-faire efficiency – showing how it should be done. Continue reading “Tamworth FC”


Date: Tuesday Aug 31st 2010
Ground: Cottage Ground, Amos Lane
Comp: FA Cup Extra Premilinary Round Replay (after 3-3)
Match: Wednesfield 6 Castle Vale JKS 0 HT: 1-0 ATT: c120

Additional: Entrance £3.00, Programme £1.00, Coffee/Tea £0.80
Cottage Ground in pictures

I came across yet another step six club in the vicinity, recently, along with quite a few others from the North West Midlands. My instincts told me it’d be another 30 crowd, a small lopsided stand to satisfy the ground grading auditors, a couple of dugouts looking like two halves of an Anderson shelter and a low key affair under dim jaundiced light. Continue reading “Wednesfield”


Date: Saturday Aug 28th 2010
Ground: A2B Worthing Stadium 
Comp: FA Cup Extra Premilinary Round
Match: Worthing 6 Arundel Town 0 HT: 3-0 ATT: 313

Additional: Entrance £9.00, Programme £2.00, Coffee/Tea £0.80
A2B Worthing Stadium in pictures

It was FA Cup time again and this time I was down on the south coast to see Ryman South (step four) club Worthing take on Sussex League Division One (step five) club Arundel Town. It was a gorgeous August day, typical for FA cup early rounds. Continue reading “Worthing”