Wembley (New)

Date: Sunday Apr 17 2011
Ground: Wembley
Comp: FA Cup Semi Final
Match: Bolton Wanderers 0 Stoke City 5  HT: 0-3
Etherington 11, Huth 17, Jones 30, Walters 67, 80

ATT: 75,064
Additional: Entrance £34.50, Programme £5.00

Wembley in pictures

Ground Statistics (marks out of ten, maximum 40)
Character 7, Structures/Terracing 7, Hospitality 3, Backdrop/Scenery or aesthetics for larger stadiums 7
Total 24

I was very privileged to be at one of or maybe the best Stoke game in their history. They danced with ease into their first FA Cup final. A stark contrast to one of the first Stoke games I saw at the Britannia, where they lost 8-0 to Liverpool in the League Cup. 13 years and 13 goals’ difference later and they are a very different club indeed. A cup final, a place in Europe and a top ten Premier place contender. Continue reading “Wembley (New)”