Grantham Town

DSC01387Bank Holiday Monday 2nd April 2018 15.00
Evostik Premier
Grantham Town 3 Shaw Lane 1 HT: 0-1 Att: 484 Ent: £10 Prog £2 Coffee £1
Shaw 58, 73, Hempenstall 84 : Lugsden 12

from South Kesteven Sports Centre or The Meres

Grantham Town (3)This was another matchday where the most frequent scoreline was P-P. I know Bank Holidays are famously ridiculed for being wash-outs, but this one took the piss. My original intention was to complete my fourth ground in 10 days where the home team began with the letters C-O – Coventry Alvis- it would also complete my Coventrys. When Alvis was P-P (Alvis didn’t even enter the building, let alone leave it), my 2nd through 7th choices all fell by the wayside – including Studley, Nuneaton Griff and Colne (also starting with C-O). A few leagues had a full set of PPs including the East Midlands League and the North West Counties League. Continue reading “Grantham Town”



Marine AFC (22)Saturday 14th November 2015 3.00pm
FA Trophy Round Two
Marine 2 Kidsgrove Athletic 2 ht: 0-1 att: 274 Ent: £10 Prog: £2, Coffee £1.40
Nicholas 59, Whyte 69 : Malbon 36, 53

from Marine Travel Arena (pictures here)

Marine AFC (1)I’d wanted to do Marine for a few years and now the opportunity arose to watch my preferred local side for the season, Kidsgrove Athletic, in the second round of the FA Trophy. Marine have an interesting history, dating back to 1894. There are called Marine, rather than Great Crosby, Crosby or Brighton-le-Sands because the businessmen and former students who set the club up met at the Marine hotel on the Mersey seafront at Waterloo. They’re one of a few clubs who have played at their current venue for over 100 years; since 1903. The ground used to be known as Rossett Park, before becoming the Arriva Stadium and more recently the Marine Travel Arena
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Ramsbottom United

Ramsbottom United (27)Saturday 7th November 2015 3pm
Evostik Premier League (step three)
Ramsbottom United 2 Rushall Olympic 1 ht: 1-0 att: 203 ent: £9, prog £1.50 coffee: £1

Tolley og 27, Payne 84 : Benbow 54

from Harry Williams Riverside Stadium (pictures here)
Ramsbottom United (1)In German there is an excellent word, Weltschmerz, which describes the belief that physical reality can never satisfy the demands of the mind. Often I find the idea of a new non league ground and day out disproportionately exciting to the reality that unfolds, which can be for many reasons; bland venue, poor match, disappointing pre-match drink or sometimes for no discernible reason. Actually I find an inverse relationship between how excited I am before a game and the subsequent enjoyment. Continue reading “Ramsbottom United”

Ashton United

Ashton United prog 2012Wednesday 5th September 2012

Evostik Premier

Ashton United 2 AFC Fylde 2 HT: 1-0 Att: 200 from Hurst Cross

Peers 26 (pen), Burns 87: Dorney 46, Allen 57

Entrance £9, Programme £2 (A4) Coffee £1

Hurst Cross in pictures

Ashton United is the slighter higher positioned team of the binary town of Ashton under Lyne. They play in the Evostik Premier while their twin, Curzon, is in the Evostik One North. Their Hurst Cross ground is one of the oldest in the world, going back to 1880! Amongst the groundhopping fraternity it is considered one of the greats, alongside local neighbours Mossley’s ground, Seel Park. The club go back two years further, starting as Hurst FC – 85 years older than their pipsqueak younger brother, Curzon.

They beat Marple 13-1 in 1919. I bet they Miss Marple. Continue reading “Ashton United”