Knighton Town

Wednesday 27th November 2019 19.30
Mid Wales League Division Two (Welsh Step Four)
Knighton Town 0 Forden United 10 (TEN) ht: 0-3 att: 75
O’Donnell 2,4,59 Henderson-Smith 18,88 Anderson 50, Morgan 57, Jenkins 72, Webster 73,75


Knighton Town are one of a number of mid-wales teams who are playing at step three or lower but who have sizeable grounds that could and have graced Cymru Alliance or higher status. They all seem united in having one main old stand of character in the middle (no arena or atcost models) and floodlights. Among the others are Llanidloes Town, Rhayader Town, Berriew, Welshpool, Presteigne St Andrews, Montgomery, Llandrindod Wells. Knighton Town are having a hard time this season having lost every game of their step four Mid Wales Division Two League. Their record was 0 0 12 9 76 an average game score of roughly 6-1.

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Mynydd Isa Spartans

Tuesday 14th August 2018 18.30
Welsh National League Division One
Mynydd Isa Spartans 4 Castell Alun Colts 0 ht: 0-0 att: 17 hc
Davies 67, 75, 89 Robins 82

from Argoed Sports Centre

Mynydd Isa Spartans came back into Welsh football last season. The original club, Mynydd Isa, were founded in 1976 and played in the step two Cymru Alliance between 2006-09, before folding. The new club has added the suffix Spartans to their name but play at the same Argoed Sports Centre as the original club. While sounding like a small Welsh savings account, Mynydd Isa means lower mountain inWelsh. Continue reading “Mynydd Isa Spartans”

Offa Athletic

Offa Athletic (3)Tuesday 21st August 2018 18.30
Welsh National Division One
Offa Athletic 1 Llangollen Town 7 HT: 1-3 Att: 45
from Gresford Colliery Club

Ramone Nelson 15 : Day 1, 23, 48, Wilson 76, 78, Weir 88

Offa Athletic are named after Offa’s dyke, a large linear earthwork that roughly follows the border between England and Wales, named after King Offa of Mercia (757-796). The dyke runs west of Wrexham, where Offa Athletic play.

They are new to the Welsh National League this season, having been promoted from the North East Wales League. Continue reading “Offa Athletic”

Hawarden Rangers

Wednesday 23rd May 2018
Welsh National League Premier
Hawarden Rangers 2 Penycae 1 HT: 1-1 Att: 45
Thomas 35, Woods 48 : Kavanagh 2

from Gladstone Playing Fields

Hawarden Rangers (2)This was the last game of the season in the Welsh National League, along with Llay Welfare’s game against Brickfield Rangers. Hawarden (pronounced Hor-den) is the last but one ground I have left in this division (the last being the remote Llanuwchyllin), with only Mynydd Isa’s Argoed Sports Ground in the division below. Harwarden’s Gladstone Playing Fields are about as basic as it gets, for third tier Welsh football. A fully railed pitch in a bigger community park. However, the dugouts were seriously high spec, perspex curvy types with eight gleaming blue seats beneath. Continue reading “Hawarden Rangers”

New Brighton Villa

progSaturday 21st April 2018 14.30
Welsh National League Division One
New Brighton Villa 5 Rhydymywn 1 HT: 1-1 Att: 27 (hc) Free Entry plus 10 page programme
Rambaldi 15, 65, 80, Barlow 66, 77 : Unknown 30

from Estadio de Mark Lopez

DSC015062This New Brighton is a village in North Wales, not the seaside resort in Wallassey. It lies not far west of Chester, near Mold, and is in the Argoed district. A lot of Welsh football clubs can be spotted in the map below, including today’s visitors Rhydymwyn, 4.2 miles away up the A541. However, they aren’t New Brighton’s nearest team. Mynydd Isa play at the Argoed Sports Centre, 1.0 mile away. Mold Alexandra are just 1.9 miles away, although they are in the division above. Continue reading “New Brighton Villa”

Saltney Town

Saturday 20th January 2018 14.00
Welsh National League Premier Division
Saltney Town 2 Llay Welfare 3 HT: 1-2 Att: 26 headcount free entry no prog no refreshments

from Saltney Community Centre

Saltney Town (2)This weekend was a study in precipitation. Snow, sleet, hail and seven kinds of rain fell on top of an already saturated land. Rivers flowed in the gulleys in roads, and windscreen washer did overtime to wipe the salt ridden smears caused by riding through puddles. All my local games were off due to either frozen or waterlogged pitches. I didn’t want to travel far, given the tenuousness of ‘still on’ games, so I plumped for Wales. It’s been a while since a hop in the principality and I’ve noticed a more relaxed approach to boggy pitches there. Continue reading “Saltney Town”